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Product Overview

BDCOM 1705/2605/2613/3605, adopting mature processors such as ARM and IXP and designed with professional switching chips, are cost-effective and comprehensive broadband routers developed by BDCOM for small- or medium-sized cybercafés, enterprise and undertakings.

This series of broadband products are strong in data processing, flexible in a variety of mainstream bandwidth access environments and various in providing sound bandwidth distribution solutions, all of which are means of effective utilization of bandwidth resources. In addition, these products can provide network behavior management, P2P control, VPN networking, firewall, ARP cheat prevention and vicious attack prevention.

BDCOM 1705/2605/2613/3605 routers integrate with such features as multiline, NAT, security and flexible rate limit, and therefore they are a set of all-in-one solutions. These products can be widely applied in Internet clubs, enterprises, hotels and restaurants, chain stores and schools.



Product Chracteristics

High reliability and stability

After over a decade years of research experience in the data communication network field and studious research on broadband user’s requirements, BDCOM broadband solutions have won customers' trust in all respects, especially in hardware or software design and in systematic strong ability, and these routers can run reliably for a long time in harsh environments such as high temperature, poor ventilation and bad grounding.

Strong data-processing capability

BDCOM 100M broadband routers adopts ARM9 and Intel IXP as their processors but further combine the switching chips, so this series of products has large throughput and high performance-to-price ratio. They secure the reliable and rapid operation of such kernel functional modules as NAT, VPN, P2P identification and control, and firewall in an environment of multi-user and large flow.

Flexible multi-WAN access

A maximum of 4 WAN ports can be used for networking; the access modes such as Ethernet, FTTB optical fiber, ADSL and cable are supported; the multi-line policies such as “bandwidth nesting”, “intelligent routing” and “master/standby” are supported.

User-friendly and flexible flow control

Besides providing multiple users the broadband NAT network surfing, this router series supplies flexible speed limitation strategy. When the network bandwidth is idle, the bandwidth of each user will be automatically increased; when the network bandwidth is busy, the bandwidth will be averagely distributed, preventing bandwidth from being over-occupied. The assistant strategies such as big-flow host limitation mechanism, flow outburst factors and optional user punishment / limitation bring various and feasible methods for network management.

Various behavior management policies

Identifies and controls the IM software like QQ and MSN on the application layer, and supports the white list, all which facilitates the network management of the enterprise.

Identifies the P2P application program on the application layer and carries out multiple strategies like blocking and speed limitation.

Stops the share, entertainment and shopping websites from being displayed on the screen on the basis of the database technology.

Multiple anti-attack policies

BDCOM broadband routers are strong in preventing attacks. They can make a correct statistics and detailed analysis on all types of packets such as ARP, IP, ICMP, TCP and UDP. The attacks can be automatically prevented once they are found. The alarm information will also be provided. Therefore, you need not worry about the security of your network.

For ARP cheat, BDCOM provides IP-to-MAC binding, ARP-to-SCAN technology and free ARP and other mechanisms to secure the intranet; If working with BDCOM private switching products, these router products can be armed with DHCP-Snooping. In this way, ARP cheat cannot hide itself and it is 100% sure that ARP cheat can be detected and prevented.

All-round VPN functions

BDCOM routers support VPN protocols such as L2TP, PPTP, GRE, IPIP and IPSec, and provide encryption algorithms, so that an overall solution can be provided to the construction of the remote office, the mobile office and the virtual private network.

User-friendly Web page

A simple and clear Web graphic interface is provided for configuration, so you can easily operate it even you are not professional.



Technical Parameters



BDCOM 1705



2×100M WAN

3×100M LAN


1 to 4 WAN



ARM9 150MHz


8MB, up to 32MB



Physical Characters

Size (mm)



Working temperature: 0-40;

humidity: 10%-85%, no condensing

Power source

170264V AC, 10mA or -36-72V DC, 1A






IP Routing

Static route and PBR


Load sharing, intelligent path choosing, primary and secondary WANs, etc.

Line backup

Port/line based backup

Line monitoring

ICMP or DNS based detection

Network function


Dynamic/static NAT and PAT

Virtual server

Static port mapping, special mapping (SNAT+DNAT), DMZ host




DNS Client/Proxy, DDNS


DHCP server/client/relay


PPPoE server/client


Page push




Intelligent rate-limit

Bandwidth load based intelligent rate-limit

Grouping rate-limit

Group/policy based rate-limit

Dynamic distribution

Automatically calculating based rate-limit


WAN based rate-limit

P2P rate-limit

Intelligent P2P application rate-limit

User Management

Punishment, limitation, outburst flows

Behavior management

7-layer filtration

Basing on the characteristic code on the application layer, identifying and controlling P2P download, VoD, HTTP and Email, and limiting or guaranteeing the bandwidth

Real-time communication

Supporting to block the IM software like QQ and MSN by one key

P2P application

Identifying and controlling ten kinds of P2P programs such as BT, Thunder, PPStream and eMule

Website management

Supporting to block the entertainment, share and shopping websites by one key

Supporting URL filtration and keyword filtration and so totally controlling user's access

Priority service

Supporting to first process company’s Emails, hot network games, common OA  databases and self-defined flows (based on characteristic identification according to the application layer)

Black/white List

Supporting the blacklist and the white List so as to facilitate user's control

Policy upgrade

Supporting free and online upgrade of the behavior management database

Network security


Supporting the ACL firewall and blocking many frequent viruses on the basis of IP and port

DMZ port

Supporting to redefine the WAN1 port as the DMZ port and implementing safe networking

DoS attack prevention

Supporting to prevent SYN Flooding, UDP flooding, ICMP flooding and ARP flooding in the intranet and the public network
Preventing port or ARP scanning

ARP security

Supporting static ARP binding, dynamic ARP binding and free regular ARP transmission

Supporting automatic monitoring and alarming of ARP cheat

Supporting in-depth IMP filtration


Supporting multiple VPN protocols ( L2TP, PPTP, GRE, IPIP and IPSec) as well as protocol nesting


Graphic interface

Supporting Web interface management and providing fast wizard

Supporting BIOS-based simple Web page and emergency recovery at incorrect operations

Network management

Supporting SNMP V1/V2/V3

Fault diagnosis

Supporting the detection mode of the ICMP packets

Account management

Supporting the hierarchical management of account's rights so as to fully secure the network

State monitoring

Supporting an overall and real-time display of the states of the port, system and user



Ordering Information



Broadband router with 5 ports (1 console port, 2 100M WAN ports, 3 100M LAN ports, supporting port regrouping and port mirror, bearing 100 hosts)


Enterprise-level broadband router (1 console port, 2 100M WAN ports, 3 100M LAN ports, supporting port regrouping and port mirror, bearing 200 hosts)


Enterprise-level broadband router (1 console port, 1 100M WAN/FSFP port, 4 100M LAN ports, supporting port mirror, bearing 200 hosts)


Enterprise-level broadband router (1 console port, 2 100M WAN ports, 3 100M LAN ports, supporting port regrouping and port mirror, bearing 300 hosts)


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