Comprehensive Network Solution for Smart Factories

Founded in 1994, BDCOM is a high-tech enterprise specializing in data communication products, encompassing R&D, production, sales, services, and operations. As a leading network communication solutions provider in China, BDCOM has established strategic partnerships with numerous renowned domestic and international enterprises. To date, BDCOM has served over three thousand companies in fields such as telecommunications, broadcasting, power, rail transportation, government, education, and healthcare, with its products exported to more than 100 countries and regions worldwide.

Adhering to a spirit of perseverance and progress for over 30 years, BDCOM has developed six product lines, comprising thousands of product models, offering one-stop solutions that include various basic network products, network management platforms, and value-added software business platforms.

As technology advances rapidly, global demands for factory productivity and product quality are ever-increasing. Traditional manufacturing processes often suffer from issues such as low visibility, inefficiency, high production costs, and quality management difficulties. BDCOM, with its four modern self-built factories, combined with its own intelligent manufacturing practices, has introduced a comprehensive network solution for smart factories to improve product quality and efficiency in the manufacturing industry.

A smart factory enhances production efficiency and product quality through digitization, automation, and intelligence. In a smart factory, various advanced technologies and systems are applied at every stage of the production process. To effectively harness these technologies and systems, a stable and reliable network is essential. In the context of the ongoing technological revolution and industrial transformation, intelligent manufacturing characterized by digitization, networking, and intelligence has become a future development trend.

BDCOM comprehensive network solution for smart factories effectively addresses the wired and wireless network coverage needs of factory offices, production lines, quality control, warehousing logistics, dormitories, and more. It achieves seamless roaming across the entire factory area, seamlessly integrates factory and headquarters networks, significantly enhances production efficiency, and effectively reduces the complexity of quality management.

The diagram above illustrates BDCOM's smart factory solution, which includes the rational division of factory units to ensure organized and efficient production activities.

Key Components of the Solution:

● Core Network

Core Data Switch: modular rack-mounted switches with virtualization capabilities. Separate server access areas with VPN deployment to meet remote office requirements.

 Access Network

Office Area: xPON access, multi-service convergence

Production Area: Industrial Ethernet ring network access, rapid self-healing, zero packet loss

Living Area: WIFI6 WLAN access, stable high-speed connectivity


Office Area: Enterprise-grade WIFI6 deployment for premium WLAN network experience, terminal authentication access.

Production Area: Industrial-grade WIFI6 APs, resistant to extreme temperatures, IP67 protection rating, silent terminal authentication mechanism.

Living Area: Ceiling-mounted and in-wall AP combination deployment, providing value-added authentication billing services.

 Operation and Maintenance (O&M)

Deployment of a unified management O&M platform for comprehensive network device maintenance, physical and logical topology display, timely alarm notifications, and network status prediction.


 Subnet Functional Areas

Division into production networks, office networks, and living networks with boundary security device deployment.

 Core Data Center Area

Deployment of security devices such as firewalls, intrusion detection and defense equipment, internet behavior management audit equipment, etc.

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