BDCOM Financial Data Center IP Network Solution

With China's successful accession to the WTO, various industries are facing significant challenges, especially the financial sector. This requires financial institutions to enhance risk control capabilities, customer services, product development, and market responsiveness to improve profitability and reduce costs, thus forming core competitiveness. In this transformation process, banks need to effectively integrate and streamline daily business processes, and establish a solid foundation for further enhancing their core competitive advantages.

A financial data center serves as the data and service hub for financial operations, demanding high operational performance, reliability, security, and manageability from its network infrastructure. The key requirements include:

· High reliability: Non-stop operation with redundancy and backup mechanisms for quick fault recovery.

· High speed and performance: No network bottlenecks that hinder normal business operations, even with large amounts of user data and bursts of traffic.

· Security: Ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of financial data transmitted over the network to prevent unauthorized access or malicious activities.

· Manageability: Implementing robust network management practices, such as accurate analysis of network traffic, system monitoring, and intrusion detection, to ensure smooth operation.

To meet above network requirements, BDCOM offers the following solution features for the network center:

1. Core switching layer: Deploy two BDCOM S8510 core switches, which can serve as backups for each other, providing redundancy for critical components and supporting Layer 2 and Layer 3 redundancy connections to ensure fast convergence in case of failures. BDCOM S8510 switches feature an advanced CrossBar non-blocking switching architecture, enabling high-capacity, distributed L2/L3/L4 line-speed switching with a capacity of 1.4Tbps and support for up to 64 10Gigabit Ethernet ports. They also offer rich QoS capabilities for precise and detailed traffic control, with a capacity of handling 128,000 flows and bandwidth control in increments of 64K. BDCOM S8510 switches have comprehensive security control mechanisms, including ACL, 802.1x, PVLAN, and more, to meet network security requirements. Additionally, BDCOM-developed unified network management platform allows precise management of the network center, including device configurations, network health monitoring, and more, with a user-friendly and flexible interface.

2. Access switching layer: Connect multiple S3928 10Gigabit Ethernet access switches to data servers. The S3928 switches are cross-connected with the core switches S8510 and achieve router redundancy through the HSRP protocol, ensuring network reliability.

3. External connectivity: Connect the network to external networks through the BDCOM R7603 high-end router for remote data backup and external network data services, further enhancing network reliability.


The data center can be regarded as the core of IT strategy to protect, optimize and develop business. BDCOM Financial Data Center IP Network Solution provides a high-capacity, high-reliability, and multi-functional network environment for data centers, which improves productivity, strengthens business processes, accelerates transformation, and enhances the competitiveness of financial institutions.

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