MRD propels the great opening-up of Purple Tunnel, Hangzhou

Purple Tunnel,Hangzhou, is a 14.4-kilometre bridge-tunnel system consisting of a series ofthree tunnels, two bridges with six lanes, connecting Zijingang Road with Zhipu Road. On portals of South and North, the tunnel adopts “traffic separating”organization mode. At the portals of the main four lanes are a couple of ramps,which are segregated two-lane construction scales. Main line designed speed: 60km/h;Ramp designed speed: 30km/h. Purple Tunnel is the longest tunnel in Hangzhouand the longest city tunnel in China.

The construction ofPurple Tunnel manages to complete Hangzhou 3rd quadrant road net,relieve traffic in West Lake Scenic Spot, and strengthen south-north trafficcommunication in western major city; apart from the above, it means a lot toexternal contact, economic cooperation and improving suburban road environment,obviously and greatly benefitting the society and national economy


As is shown in the figure, the entire network transmission uses MRD industrialEthernet devices – TNM4000, a latest-technology TOM1000 Series IndustrialEthernet Switch. The network includes major and minor loop architecture, majorusing TNM4000 and minor using TOM1000. It ensures the reliability of every datanode so as to guarantee the data transmission to the related server.

TNM4000 Series Industrial Ethernet Switch provides the multi-slot hostequipment and various integrated modules, such as gigabit network, contentswitch and PRP/HSR module, all supporting online update. TYCOON Series utilizesunified optical modules and operating system software, forming a systemadapting the future requirements. It  adoptspatented ORING+ TM technology, whose hardware-based algorithm ensures the nodeself-healing time less than 5ms; loop network less than 50ms(typical value).

TNM4000-T supports IEC62439-2MRP media redundancy protocol, IEC62439-3 PRP parallel redundancy protocol andHSR HA seamless redundancy. TYCOON MODULAR Series adopts FPGA and CPLD dynamicrestructure and repeat programming technique, locally and remotely monitoringdifferent key operating parameters.

TYCOON MODULAR Series has unique extended industrial design and manufacture.

TOM1000 Series Managed and Unmanaged BailSwitch, as a high-performance solution to terminal device accessing to thenetwork remotely. Its extended industrial design possesses excellent EMC andvibration free and striking resistant. TOM1000 Series is plug and play.TOM1000 Series can be painted upon what the client demands to be applied inhigh humidity, dust and corrosion.