Stable core, upgraded security, BDCOM boosts the metro monitoring project in India

New Delhi Metro, India

With a total area of 42.7 km2, New Delhiforms a small part of the Delhi metropolitan area. New Delhi lies on thefloodplains of the Yamuna River, it is essentially a landlocked city. East ofthe river is the urban area of Shahdara.

New Delhi has a population of over 16 million, with 6 millionautomobiles, usually causing severe traffic jam. As a result, New Delhi Metro serves as the most influential cityinfrastructure. The metro has changed citizens’ trip styles.

Since the startup in 2002,New Delhi Metro has got 6 lines throughout the urban and suburban. However, inrecent years, events against security in metro stations have taken place moreand more frequently, which reflects the security problems are too severe to beneglected, so to upgrading monitoring network is imminent.

Upgrade reform solution

Assistedby the partners, the metro monitoring devices have succeeded in upgrading,adopting BDCOM solution to the great security. Based on BDROS of BDCOM independent intellectual property rights, gatherup the key information required by the overall smart monitoring and management,adopting industrial advance BDCOM core-end switch S8510 under its distributedmultilevel switching matrix. Through S8510 VRRP redundancy, the main servicesare L3 multicast, more than 1000 multicasts online. Aggregation switches seriesdownlinked to the core switches connect all railway stations, each accessedwith switches to transmit the real time pictures captured by cameras to themonitoring head through the monitoring network.

Project topology:

More stable monitoring system

BDCOM R&D team deploys professional networks according to clientneeds and assist them to optimize the old network. After reform, the network ishelpful for the metro security staff to more straightforward and efficientlyhandle emergencies so as to improve the comprehensive security ability.Meanwhile, BDCOM provides 24/7 technique assistance, winning good reputation inlocal government and market.

This is one successful case in ten thousands of the metro securitysolutions of over 1000 BDCOM key industry customers. Overthe past 20 years, BDCOM has providedvarious communication network solutions for people to live a better life.