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--BDCOM helps WiFi coverage of Taiyuan South Station square

Wireless lifeat hand

Nowadays, wherever it is, “WiFihere?” has turned into a common greeting, which reflects the popular wirelesslife in China. In Beijing,Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc., it is necessary for the officials andoperators to construct WiFi in public, so is Taiyuan City, a provincial city inShanxi.

Free WiFi in publichas been listed as “The 5th public facility”, with the same importanceas water, electricity, gas, and road. As is mentioned in Advice on accelerating WLAN construction and service in public, Shanxi General Office has completed WLAN coverage and service opening-up in 398 places of 11 cities, such asadministrative service hall, waiting room of public transport junction andwaiting area of public hospital.

Welcome toTaiyuan South Station

TaiyuanSouth Station locates in Beiying, Xiaodian District, Taiyuan. It faces the expresswayacross East Mount on the east; Wusu International Airport west; NanhuanExpressway south; Changfeng Street north. It is built in the core of thenational-level Taiyuan high technology park, Taiyuan economic technologydevelopment and Wusu logistic zone. It takes a land of 45 hectares. The mainbuilding has 3 floors, 2 above and 1 below the ground, whose building area isabout 200.6 thousand square meters with a 55 thousand-square-meter bus terminal.The south station started on 10th Dec, 2014; the annual number ofpassengers can reach over 40 million. The station is the No.1 large railpassenger station with high standard and joins the landmark buildings inTaiyuan.

WIFI Security

The railway station is nothing but the inevitable site foroutgoing. For some outgoers, using WiFi to surf the Internet can debug theanxiety during a long-time waiting; log into the railway official web to checkthe train number and price; order tickets online in time. For the staff, theycan publish real-time information for the passengers; improve its reputation.Here are the requirements of the wireless coverage in station:

1. Large scale: Wide coverage to ensure the signalstrength everywhere;

2. High density: Crowded station requires greatcapacity in peak hours;

3. High quality: Based on the above two situations,the stability must be guaranteed;

4. Illegal access limit: Toavoid the crimes, WiFi must limit illegal access and provide the syslog tocheck and trace for the regulators.

Solution topology

One-stop networksolution

To solve the Internetproblem, Taiyuan South Station starts the bid inviting of the Taiyuan SouthSquare infrastructure. BDCOM has won thebidding in router, firewall, 10G POE switch and AP and AC device.

The10G switch belongs to BDCOM S3956, theonly 48 gigabit+8 10G high-density L3POE switch, adopting the brand new chip solution.

BDCOM S3956 L3 10G Switch

AP belongs to BDCOMWAP2100 Ceiling Intelligent wireless AP. Itis designed for wireless indoor scenarios in public, adopting MIMO optimizedsolution.

BDCOM WAP2100 Ceiling AP

AC is BDCOM WSC6100. It isdesigned based on multi-core, high-performance and embedded platforms,possessing overall interfaces, functions and stable operation.


Taste life; enjoy WiFi

BDCOM is a professional andoperating-level enterprise, one of the manufacturers with the most completenetwork equipment product lines. The wireless market has been the strategymarket of BDCOM. BDCOM offers application-layer wireless to government,enterprise, medical treatment, scenic spot, campus, finance, chain, etc. BDCOMhas a series of router, core switch, access switch, AP and AC, etc., meetingthe users’ requirements.