Under the Initiative of “Belt and Road’’, BDCOM Build Up New Layout for Its Overseas Growth

[Yangon,Myanmar, May 28, 2017] BDCOM and Prime RICH Asia jointly organized BDCOM productpromotion seminar in Yangon, Myanmar. Over 120 participants from all walks oflife attended the event themed “BDCOM Driving Myanmar’s Connectivity”. GeneralManager, sales managers and technical engineers of BDCOM International wereinvited to introduce BDCOM profile, BDCOM products and its successfulexperience in the communication industry. With videos of successful stories, speechesof BDCOM product lines, live demonstrations and equipment show, BDCOM and PRIMERICH ASIA jointly presented a feast of intelligent network to guests at theevent.

China and Myanmar are friendly neighbors sharing not just common mountains and rivers, but also weal and woe. …Myanmar has always been a good neighbor, friend, brother and partner of China!” said Chen Qun, President of BDCOM, at the keynote address. “As a leading supplier of networking and communication solutions in China,BDCOM actively responds to the call of the“Belt and Road”.We attach great importance to the development of Myanmar market. We plan to gradually increase our investment in Myanmar for its infrastructure construction, in particular its network construction… BDCOM is willing to cooperate closely with our partner-Prime Rich Asia and all of you present, seizing opportunities and overcoming challenges on the way forward, and makes steady progress towards achieving our common goal! ”

Mr. Liang, Director of PRIME RICHASIA, said: “We, PRIME RICH ASIA, are a technology and consultancy company whohas strong regional business footprint to provide innovative and customizedsolutions to our customers. We are honored to be BDCOM’s exclusive distributorfor the Myanmar market! We are confident about BDCOM products and solutions andwe are looking forward to establish a long-term partnership with BDCOM.”

Ms. Wu, General Manager of BDCOM International, introduced BDCOM’sdevelopment and its vision in Myanmar. She presented, “We will have ourdistribution channel ready with PRIME RICH ASIA, target for Telecom, ISP andIndustrial clients. Providing BDCOM switch, router, FTTH and WiFi solutions. Weare ready for long-term business plan here, we will make BDCOM brand alocalized brand, try to become one of your top choices.”

Both BDCOM and PRIME RICH ASIA have great confidence in theircooperation and see vast potential in Myanmar market. This insight is drawnfrom two aspects. On one hand, BDCOM has 20 years’ industry experience, acomprehensive supply system of networking and communication solutions and richproduct lines. Up to now, BDCOM products have been widely applied in manyfields such as operators, Broadcasting & TV, power industry, governments,financial institutions, militaries, education systems and medical cares,serving more than 1000 major industry clients. On the other hand, Myanmar isnow amongst the fastest growing economies globally, with gross domestic product(GDP) touching 7% in 2015 to 2016. A series of reform efforts starting in 2011have helped accelerate the country’s economic and industrial development, withglobal investors increasingly tapping into this Southeast Asian frontiermarket.

The seminar was engaging, well-organized andefficient. As the first move of BDCOM’s deployment in its overseas market in2017, the event was a success and of ubiquitous significance in the Myanmarcommunication industry.