Boosting Shen-Mao high speed construction, BDCOM flagship switch favored

The annual SpringFestival Travel Rush is vigorously on the stage. For the passengers craving forspeed, high speed grants them with comfort and calm on the anxious way home.

For recent years, Chinese railroading has enteredthe period of fast development. From the green-leather train to highspeed/bullet trains, the rumbling has been replaced by the buzz, the train roaringpast in a few seconds.

There is no doubt that high speed train is the main force in SpringFestival Travel Rush. Applying the video surveillance command system to HDimage feedback, efficient rail train scheduling and accurate alarming. Every safe, punctual and comfortable traincarries the ability to instantly handle communication data.

BDCOM through several yearsof efforts in broadcast, electrical energy, big traffic, public securitymonitoring, has earned a good reputation, providing competitive and innovativeproducts and services. High efficiency,safety and accuracy in golden age of public security construction, BDCOMpromotes monitoring-series product lines and solutions to Safe city and Shinyengineering.

BDCOMadopts S3900 Layer 3 10G Switch with chip made in China, which plays asignificant role in infrastructure of high speed monitoring. It has been intouse in domestic rail tracks, adding up to nearly 50,000 various modelsconnected to network.

Shen-Mao Railwayconnects Pearl River Delta, Yang River in western Guangdong Province andMaoming city. The line has a total length of 388 kilometers, starting inShenzhen North Station and ending in Maoming East Station. The monitoringproject has two phases; the first is Jiangmen to Maoming project whose lengthis 266 kilometers and amount of stations is 15.

It is reported that Shenzhen-Maominghigh-speed rail connects Shenzhen and Zhongshan, particularly becoming a keypart of coastal high speed railway. The whole west of Guangdong Province isready to enter “High speed times”.

Adhering to the principle of interconnection, Shenzhen-Maoming railwayadopts advanced video monitoring technology, railway-based IP network to builddigital, intelligent and distributed network video monitoring system, meetingrequirements of service departments, rescue and emergency – public security, safetysupervision, passenger transport, scheduling, train operation, maintenance, working,electrical matters, etc.

In Shenzhen-Maoming high-speed railway project, thenetwork adopts BDCOM S3900 High-performance 10G Switch to do networking, theamount of S3900 up to 375. This seriesis the flagship product BDCOM promotes in enterprise solutions to Layer 3 10GPOE to desktop.

Characteristics of BDCOM S3900 10G Switch:

*Advanced hardware structuring design; the leading handling ability inindustry

*Creative VSS switching technology

*Perfect POE function

*Carrier-level high reliability

*Rich service features

*Comprehensive IPv6 solution

*Complete security mechanism

*Creative green design

Successful BDCOM cases in railway industry:

*Zhengzhou-Xuzhou railway video monitoring system project

*Harbin-Qiqihaer High-speed Railway network construction project

*Hangzhou-Huangshan High-speed Railway network construction project

*Video monitoring project of elevators in Nanchang Railway Bureau

*Luan Station network reconstruction project

*Taiyuan Station Transportation junction infrastructure project


The high speed railway network is changing the scaleof china city in an unprecedented pace. As one of the best domesticnet-communication product line suppliers, BDCOM boosts the extension todifferent scenarios of various industries with its features and goodadaptability.

BDCOM expects to cooperate with different industrial domains to boosttimes development.