BDCOM Smart Hotel Network Solution

Star Hotels/Resorts


Number of Rooms: 200-600.

● Facilities: In addition to guest rooms and restaurant services, it offers a variety of value-added services such as entertainment and business facilities, including large conference rooms, swimming pools, spa centers, cafes, etc.

● Network Products Requirements: Strict requirements for functionality and stability. Comprehensive coverage needed for monitoring and wireless connectivity.


Independent PON Solution: Utilizes enterprise three-layer architecture for precise control. Implements high-end routers to provide high bandwidth capacity and rich  functional combinations. BDCOM firewall ensures the security of hotel business and data.

Indoor and Outdoor AP Coverage: Ensures uninterrupted online connectivity for outdoor entertainment and leisure. Seamless roaming with a combination of multi-form APs, providing wireless coverage everywhere.

Carrier-grade Chassis Core Switch: Dual-engine, dual-power supply, hot backup. Meets the carrier-grade 99.999% reliability standard, ensuring a stable and robust network.

Backend Monitoring Platform: Real-time monitoring of staff and visitor status, as well as critical areas such as data centers, kitchens, and offices with intrusion alerts.

Cloud Platform Implementation: Hotel message push, dedicated app downloads, customer analysis, and centralized personnel area alerts, and other enterprise-level functionalities.

Mid-range Chain Hotels


● Number of Rooms: 100-150.

● Facilities: Provides guest rooms, restaurants, reception lobby (rest area, internet area, etc.), medium-sized conference rooms, and a few outdoor/underground parking areas.

● Network Products Requirements: Certain requirements for product stability and network design compliance.


Private Cloud: Builds a private cloud to have control over your own data, ensuring that your investments generate effective output. Provides smarter and more intuitive optimization suggestions for partners to deeply explore data and enable precise marketing for businesses.

Seamless Adaptability in Any Scenario: BDCOM wireless products offer targeted solutions for indoor, outdoor, and in-vehicle environments.

Integrated Solution: BDCOM provides end-to-end solutions from marketing to implementation, from core to access, as well as high-quality services, ensuring worry-free hotel operations.

Economy Chain Hotels


● Number of Rooms: 50-100.

● Facilities: Guest rooms, restaurant, reception area, etc.

● Network Products Requirements: High cost-effectiveness, easy deployment, easy management, and certain level of stability.


Easy Installation for Indoor Coverage: Deploys WAP331/341 in-wall APs in guest rooms to ensure seamless wireless coverage and reduce installation costs. 

Meeting High Capacity Access Demands: Deploys WAP351/362 ceiling-mounted APs in high-traffic public areas such as  restaurants and lobbies.

Cost-saving Investment: Centralizes management of branch APs with cloud AC, eliminating the frequency of hardware AC failures and quickly troubleshooting. 

Boosting Efficiency with Cloud AC: Deploys the BDCOM cloud AC platform in the data center, serving as the core for managing, configuring, and monitoring BDCOM WAP300 series APs remotely.

Hostels/Farm Stays/Accommodation


● Number of Rooms: Less than 50.

● Facilities: No specific service areas, no reception halls, only simple guest rooms and restaurants.

● Network Products Requirements: High cost-effectiveness, easy deployment, and easy management.


Easy Installation for Indoor Coverage: Deploys WAP131 in-wall APs  in guest rooms to ensure seamless wireless  coverage and reduce hotel installation costs.

Meeting High Capacity Access Demands: Deploys  -mounted APs in high-traffic public areas such as hotel restaurants. 

Quick Deployment with PoE Power: Deploys PoE switches on each floor to provide power and data transmission for various APs, effectively reducing cabling costs.

Simple Network Design: Maintains the three-layer topology design. Integrated routers with AC functionality serve as both the egress gateway and the maintenance platform for online APs.

Empowering Small Hotels with Marketing: Leverages BDCOM-developed cloud platform for independent marketing, achieving online brand promotion, and offline marketing.

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