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Since its establishment in 1994, Shanghai Baud Data Communication Co., Ltd has been insisting on the customer-oriented concept, flexibly adjusting service contents, and providing customers with all-round service.

If you want to get our fast and effective service, please download Product Maintenance Sheet, fill in carefully, fax it to us and send us your to-be-repaired product. The After-Sale Maintenance Department of BDCOM will contact you according to the maintenance sheet to tell you the reception of the to-be-repaired product, its testing results, the maintenance fees, etc., and then send the already repaired product back to you.

Please download BDCOM Product Maintenance Sheet.



1. Please fill in BDCOM Product Maintenance Sheet carefully.
(a) Customers have to fill in their unit/company, contact person, telephone number, address and postal code so that BDCOM can send back the repaired device.
(b) Customers also have to fill in the module model, quantity, serial number and especially the details of trouble carefully and exactly so that we could locate and fix the trouble rapidly. It is to be noted that we are not responsible for repairing the cable.
After you write down all necessary information, please post the maintenance sheet to yinxiang@bdcom.com.cn or the Email address of relevant salesperson.


2. Customers have to take in charge of transportation fees of sending the dysfunctional product for reparation, while BDCOM is responsible for transportation fees of sending back the repaired product.

3. Please check whether the repaired product is good after customers receive it; if there is no feedback in a week, BDCOM regards that the dysfunctional product has already been fixed.