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Product Overview

BDCOM BSR7300 Series — an iWiFi commercial ONU- caters to large and medium commercial sites such as hotels, hospitals, campuses, railway stations and airports. It is of rich functional modules and strong hosts. It excels in data processing and is easy to use.

BDCOM BSR7300 Series integrates routing, switching, security, WIFI and advertisement marketing into its functions. With broadband-optimized BDROS operating system, BSR7300 supports functions including URL filtration and packet filtration while realizes internet access by ADSL and Ethernet. It allows the user to switch to OpenWRT operating system and WiFidog, which is convenient for user customization and secondary development. BSR7300 Series also supports the graphic Web management mode, greatly facilitating the management and maintenance of networks.



Product Chracteristics

Dedicated iwifi Cloud Platform Interface

BDCOM has developed integrated gateways which can well connect Telecom cloud platform and downstream internets. It not only meets the access requirement of large scale commercial users, but also the requirement of ChinaNet commercial upgrade.


With more than a decade of accumulation and experience in data network research, as well as its requirement-oriented service, BDCOM broadband product solutions excel in software/hardware design and system reliability, deserving the trust of users.

Strong Processing Capacity

BDCOM BSR7300 Series adopts the 64-bit MIPS multi-core processor and the private ASIC switching chip, so it has high throughput and a high performance-to-cost ratio. Hence, it secures the reliable and rapid operation of such kernel functional modules as NAT, VPN, P2P identification and control, and firewall in an environment of multi-user and large flow.

Flexible Multi-WAN Access

A maximum of 8 WAN ports can be used for networking; the access modes such as Ethernet, FTTB optical fiber, ADSL and cable are supported; the multi-line policies such as “bandwidth nesting”, “intelligent routing” and “master/standby” are supported.

Varied Flow-Control Policies

BDCOM flow-control gateways have adopted the advanced 7-layer characteristic code identification technology and various policy databases, so they can be used in the following application cases such as HTTP, MAIL, database, P2P download, VOD and VoIP. According to customers’ requirements, they can limit applications with high bandwidth but low priority such as P2P and VOD, and first process those with the high priority and low bandwidth.

At the same time elastic and effective bandwidth distribution solutions can be set flexibly according to the customer quantity: when free, the network will increase the bandwidth for each customer automatically; when busy, the bandwidth will surely be averaged, not being over-preoccupied. Besides, it also provides with rich assisting strategies such as big-flow host limitation mechanism, flow outburst factors and optional user punishment / limitation bring various and feasible methods for network management.

Two BDCOM bandwidth distribution and control policies integrate with each other, greatly improving the bandwidth usage.

Complete Log Management

BDCOM BSR7300 Series provides complete log information, including user URL filtration, internet surfing recording and query, and vicious attack records. Hence, customers can further know the detailed running status of the whole network and locate and solve network faults.

User-Friendly Web Page

A simple and clear Web graphical interface is provided for configuration, so you can easily operate it even you are not professional.

Most of all, all kinds of configuration navigation help you to master all kinds of core functions.

Lifetime Free Software Upgrade

The IOS system of network products, the supplementary 7-layer characteristic database and the security policy database, all of which are provided by BDCOM, have free download/upgrade services.



Technical Parameters





8 GE-Combo,support 2 group Bypass


1 USB2.0 port


32MB,support built-in CF memory





Concurrent users


Power consumption


Dimensions mm (W×D×H)


Power supply

AC220V input,2AC optional


Operating temperature/humidity:0℃-40℃,10%-90% non-condensation

Storage temperature/humidity:-20℃-70℃;5%-95% non-condensation




Ordering Information





BDCOM BSR7300 large iWiFi integrated commercial gateway (8 GE-Combo, support 2 group Bypass, support 1 USB interface, support built-in CF memory; built-in telecom iWiFi cloud platform dedicated interface)

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