Commercial Wireless Products
    • Product Name: BDCOM BSR7300 Series Telecom iWiFi Integrated Co...

    Product Overview: BDCOM BSR7300 Series — an iWiFi commercial ONU- caters to large and medium commercial sites such as hotels, hospitals, campuses, railway stations and airports. It is of rich functional modules and strong hosts.
    • Product Name: BDCOM WAP2100-M22 Series Wireless Mobile Gateway

    Product Overview: WAP2100-M22 Series is a wireless mobile gateway designed by BDCOM for the mobile vehicles such as urban buses, tour buses and intercity buses.
    • Product Name: BDCOM WAP2000 Series Commercial Wireless Routers

    Product Overview: BDCOM WAP2000 Series is a smart commercial wireless router designed by Shanghai BDCOM for public sites such as small shops, medium and small businesses and business sites. It is of rich functional modules, strong hosts.
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