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BDCOM Won the Bid of Beijing Power Grid Distribution Network

Date:2016-03-24 16:53:50


Since won the bid of state grid FTTH project in 2010, BDCOM has been the successful bidder of this project for four successive years. With high quality products and excellent after-sale service, BDCOM has gained great favor from the government. In 2015 BDCOM won the bid of state power grid information collection project and Beijing power grid automation project once more. At present BDCOM has become one of the greatest providers for network devices in the smart power grid field. 



Beijing power grid automation project is constructed in 8 districts including Miyun, Shunyi, Daxing, Huairou, Pinggu, Fengtai, Mentougou and Yanqing. The project is involved with 145 transformer substations, which is the greatest power grid upgrade project in Beijing. BDCOM has accumulated rich experience in power grid networking field. Its EPON and industrial switches have passed multiple rigid tests such as A-level state grid industrial product authentication. BDCOM designed an automatic power distribution network solution for the project based on EPON and industrial switches. The solution greatly improves the management of Beijing power distribution network and saves the labor cost.



BDCOM is one of the earliest manufacturers of communication products for smart grid field. Its products have been widely applied in many provinces and cities in China, such as the state grid, Beijing electric power, Shanghai electric power, Jiangsu electric power, Zhejiang electric power, Shandong electric power, Fujian electric power, Ningxia electric power and Tianjin electric power. Up to now, more than 200000 sets of BDCOM products have been applied in the electric power distribution field.

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