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BDCOM Industrial Products Debut on Shanghai Metro Line 10

Date:2016-03-31 15:57:10


In Shanghai metro lines are not only an important part of the transportation system, but also a symbol of the city's speed. Shanghai Metro Line 10 is the only unmanned subway of the city. Compared with regular metro lines, it demands higher for the monitoring system. Now, MRD, a subsidiary company of BDCOM, stands out from many competitors and becomes the exclusive provider of Metro Line 10’s ISCS CCTV monitoring system. 

Shanghai Metro Line 10 ISCS CCTV is mainly consists of five parts: monitoring center CCTV system, backup monitoring center CCTV system, station CCTV system, parking lot CCTV system, and vehicle-mounted CCTV system. These five parts are all interconnected by the industrial Ethernet network. Among these, the monitoring center, the backup monitoring center, the station and parking lot system are interconnected through gigabit industrial Ethernet of CBN. The vehicle-mounted system is interconnected with other gigabit Ethernet systems through the wireless system. As the most important subsystem of ISCS system, CCTV subsystem needs to work for 24 hours non-stop. Only highly reliable and stable communication products can undertake such heavy task. Undoubtedly, the MRD product is a good choice for the monitoring system of Metro Line 10.


MRD, a subsidiary of BDCOM, is dedicated to industrial products. Its R&D team are specialists from military product field or industrial information field. It has the international leading product lines and professional test laboratories. MRD has been granted with multiple patents such as ORING+TM, ORING, Logic Stack, WMLA, DIVA-F, I-SS, I-RT and I-BC. Meantime, MRD integrates multiple advanced technologies such as MPLS and IEEE1588 PTP into the industrial products. MRD put forwards ROBUST industrial Ethernet concept: security robustness, environment robustness and business robustness. MRD products have been widely applied in more than 30 metro lines in cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Wuhan, Fuzhou, Shijiazhuang, Xi'an, Tianjin and Xinjiang. The products have passed long-term operating test and are not inferior to the internal brand. MRD has full confidence to become No.1 in China industrial communication products.

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