• Category Name: Solutions
    • Category Description :
    • Product Name: Solution to “Dual-fiber CATV”

    • Product Overview: To fulfill the client’s need, BDCOM has designed the dual-fiber CATV solution. By way of the dual-fiber, the solution provides the client (the hotel) with high-quality Ethernet coverage, WiFi coverage and CATV.

    • Product Name: Introduction to Successful Cases of BDCOM EPON (FTTX)

    • Product Overview: EPON (Ethernet Passive Optical Network) is based on IEEE 802.3 modified to support Point-to Multipoint (P2MP) connectivity. IEEE802.3 defines two basic modes of Ethernet. In the first mode

    • Product Name: Introduction to the Operation Model of CRTV

    • Product Overview: CRTV is a state-level radio and television network limited established under the guidance of SARFT. It integrates radio and television network companies in each province (For instance, Oriental Cable Network and Hunan CATV Network Group Co, LTD.)