1.Corporate Information

Shanghai Baud Data Communication Co.,Ltd (BDCOM), founded in 1994, is now one of China’s leading suppliers ofnetworking and communication solutions. BDCOM invented all by itself the firstX.25 NIC and the first commercialized router in China. Since then BDCOM hasbeen in the vanguard of networking and communication technologies. Up to now,BDCOM's switches, EPON products, routers and network security devices have beenwidely applied in many areas like the banking system, education system,government and even the defense system in China, which stimulate their leapfrogdevelopment in an era of information technology.

Inorder to provide customers with higher-quality products, BDCOM invests morethan 15% of its turnover into its research and development every year andbuilds an advanced reliability testing lab and a product assessment center inits Shanghai-based head office. In order to bring customers better service,BDCOM sets up South, North and Northwest China Service Centers and servicebranches in 32 big cities across China, forming a sound service network withnationwide coverage and quick response.

Bysticking to the advanced technology, the high quality and the win-win concept,BDCOM is gradually evolving into an international corporation. Its products arewell sold in key countries in Asia, Europe, America and Australia and a batchof foreign offices are founded accordingly to provide high-quality products andgood service directly. It is always the case that BDCOM people are dedicated tothe development of indispensable networking and communication technologies andcreate a comfortable, equal and free informatization world for all peoplearound the globe by eliminating digital communication barriers through ourinnovative products and customer-oriented service. 

2. Milestones
With “ProfessionalNetwork Technology” as its businesses philosophy, BDCOM has devoted itself toresearch and develop communication products for more than two decades. It haswitnessed every progress of Chinese communication industry.


In 1994, BDCOM was founded and introducedChina first network card— X.25. X.25 breaks the monopoly of similar foreignproducts in China, and gained great popularity in a short time. Its marketshare surged to 70% at home. It has been widely applied in many informationnetworking projects of national major financial institutions such as ChinaConstruction Bank (CCB), Agricultural Bank of China (ABC), The People's Bank ofChina (PBC) and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC).


BDCOM self-developed routers passed theTelecom Test and BDCOM became one of the first manufacturers of commercial
routers  in China. Since then, BDCOM has taken data communication productsas its dominance. 


BDCOM introduced BDROS system whichintegrates routing, switching, audio and security into one. In the same year,BDCOM R&D center was established in Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park.


BDCOM introduced a series of communicationproducts with BDROS to the market such as switches, routers and securityproducts. BDCOM has developed itself into a professional network productprovider.


BDCOM stepped into the overseas market andquickly set up branch offices in India, Russia, Thailand, Singapore andBrazil.  With more and more BDCOM offices sprang up overseas, BDCOMoverseas' sale has increased by 50% every year.


BDCOM introduced two new product lines:EPON product line and industrial switch product line. With the spread of EPONand industrial switches, BDCOM officially stepped into the operatormarket. 


BDCOM established its new manufacturingcenter in Songjiang District, Shanghai. It covers more than 10,000 ㎡. The new manufacturing center adopts themost advanced manufacturing technique and can produce 1,000,000 sets ofproducts every year.


BDCOM was included in the partner list ofChina Three Operators and participated in many wireless city projects. It marksthe success of BDCOM as a large professional carrier-grade manufacturer of datacommunication product.


BDCOM celebrated its 20th anniversary. Itwitnessed BDCOM new office building come into service and another manufacturingbase start construction in Jinshan District, Shanghai. BDCOM turned a new leafin its development.


Adhere totechnology innovation and social contribution, BDCOM is striving for aninternational provider of data communication products.

3.Contact Us
Fortechnical problems, please contact BDCOM Technical Support Center by mail,phone or fax. For business matters, please contact BDCOM Business Department.